Stopping Wage Garnishment

Georgia Bank Garnishment Attorney

Do you have a judgment against you for an unpaid debt? Are you afraid that your bank account may be garnished to satisfy the judgment? Is your employer garnishing your wages with each paycheck? A personal bankruptcy filing will stop any legal action against you, preventing creditors from taking money from your paycheck or your bank account. Known as the automatic stay, this aspect of filing bankruptcy gives people immediate relief from garnishments.

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Stop Bank and Wage Garnishment With an Automatic Stay

Under the automatic stay, the moment you file bankruptcy, your creditors cannot continue to try to collect. This means that all phone calls, letters, lawsuits and garnishments must stop. The automatic stay goes into effect whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding.

Our lawyers will help you determine whether you can permanently discharge, or wipe out, debts under Chapter 7, or whether your best opportunity in bankruptcy is to work to repay your debt under Chapter 13. We will prepare all the necessary documentation to complete the process and will stand by you in court.

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