Complex Bankruptcy

Serving Higher Income Clients and Business Owners in Georgia

There are many myths about how bankruptcy law applies to high income families, self-employed individuals and businesses. As a result, many individuals and small business owners fail to take full advantage of the opportunities available to help them resolve issues with their debts.

At the law firm of Gingold & Gingold LLC, our Atlanta complex bankruptcy attorneys provide skilled guidance to higher income and business clients. We will help you identify your options and pursue the best possible outcome so your family or business can make a fresh start.

The Experience to Resolve Complex Financial and Asset Issues

Our firm is made up of Ira D. Gingold, who has been a bankruptcy lawyer since 1971 and Court-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee from 1971-2013, and Jamie L. Gingold, whose bankruptcy experience is supplemented by substantial experience practicing corporate and real estate law since 2001.

Our attorneys are frequently referred cases by other bankruptcy law firms due to our experience addressing complex financial and asset circumstances, including the following:

  • Short sales of real estate
  • Second homes and investment properties
  • Business debts and personal guaranties
  • Federal and state tax debts and liens

Many people mistakenly believe that individuals with higher incomes are not eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or that the only option for businesses is the relatively complex process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our attorneys can make sure you are fully aware of all of your choices.

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Businesses and higher income individuals face problems with creditors every day, and, in many cases, bankruptcy offers solutions. To schedule a business consultation with our experienced attorneys, please contact us at (404) 685-8800 or by e-mail.