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Bankruptcy For High Income Earners Atlanta, GA

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Bankruptcy For High Income Earners

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Without question, filing bankruptcy for high-income earners comes with challenges, as individuals are often told that they do not meet qualifications, particularly for chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Unfortunately, fees associated with filing chapter 13 Bankruptcy are significantly higher than filing chapter 7. Therefore, if a person is informed that they do not qualify for chapter 7, they should seek a second opinion from a law firm that’s familiar with the nuances of complex bankruptcy law. At Gingold & Gingold LLC, attorneys Ira D. Gingold and Jamie L. Gingold are uniquely positioned to advocate on behalf of high-income earners that are seeking to resolve issues with debt and make a fresh start.

One way to work around the requirements necessary for filing chapter 7 Bankruptcy is classifying the type of debts owed. In essence, debts are labeled as consumer or business related. When a majority of one’s accrued debt is business-related (more than 50%), some consumers can be exempted from the income requirements set forth by chapter 7 Bankruptcy. However, consumer debts are those accumulated for personal, household or family use. While it’s not impossible to file chapter 7 Bankruptcy with high consumer-related debts, it is often a lengthy process, and does come with obstacles. In these cases, debtors complete a means test form, which measures their ability to pay some or all of their debts back. In short, if an individual has enough disposable income each month to pay at least some of their debts back, they are subject to a repayment plan through chapter 13 Bankruptcy. On the other hand, if there is not enough income available to commit to a payment plan, they might qualify for chapter 7.

We Have The Experience Needed To Resolve Complex Financial Issues

Given our experience in handling complex financial issues regarding Bankruptcy law for high-income earners, the attorneys at Gingold & Gingold LLC, are often referred cases by other bankruptcy law firms. Thus, if you are struggling under the weight of debts, whether personal or business-related, give our firm a call. We make every effort to debunk myths associated with filing Bankruptcy, helping you take full advantage of the options available to you.

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    Jack L.

    They did an excellent job with my case. Jamie took the time to really listen and understand things. She delved into the details and was extremely knowledgeable and non judgmental. Very professional and they know what they are doing. Would definitely recommend!

    All C.

    Mr. Gingold was recommended by an attorney I had worked with previously. I met with Ira Gingold to discuss credit issues. He went over each specific issue thoroughly. He advised me of the potential outcomes. He did all this in one meeting for a very reasonable price. When we finished I was confident in moving forward with a resolution. He definitely wants to help people take the appropriate course of action for their circumstance.

    Karen B.

    Dear Mr Gingold, There are so many reasons to be thankful for all you have done and will do. Anyone who has ever had unfavorable experiences with an attorney or the legal system will feel the trepidation that I experienced once I realized that my situation seemed hopeless. It was by chance and happily good luck that I decided to put my future and sanity into your hands. I was mortified at having to deal with my debts by claiming bankruptcy. I remember in our first meeting how you assured me that I was not alone and should not feel ashamed. And, anyone in this position obviously does not have money to spare and you were clear about all the costs and allowing me to pay according to my own ability to do so. You advised me in all aspects of the law, but also, you were at each meeting incredibly supportive and complementary of my personal and professional plans. Anyone else in this situation should feel blessed to have access to your expertise and support.

    Lyla B.

    I thought the process of filing bankruptcy was going to be a difficult one. However, Gingold & Gingold treated me with respect and dignity from the moment I walked through their door. I had the pleasure of working with Jamie. She is very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. She took the time and listened to my every concern and handled each and every one of them to my satisfaction. My experience with filing bankruptcy under Gingold & Gingold's representation exceeded my expectations in a major way. They gave me such a peace of mind. I am very pleased with my decision of going with Gingold & Gingold to represent me when I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    Julie T.

    Wow! I am finally out of debt and can say that I am debt free after completing my chapter 7 bankruptcy case with Gingold and Gingold. Mr dangled was very knowledgeable and direct with regard to my debt situation. there were no surprises and the case went as I was advised. The staff was also very helpful whenever I had a question. I will definitely recommend them in the future to my friends.

    Sherard W.

    I cannot say enough about this law firm. From the initial consultation to our discharge, the entire office kept me updated with every step of the entire process. I came to the Gingold after a bad experience with another law firm. Ira and Jamie immediately began treating me like family through this experience. In the end, they assisted with eliminating many debts including my 2nd mortgage. I cannot say enough about the experience and knowledge that Ira brought to the table from the office visits to the court time. Thank you very much for helping me through this tough time. Thank you.

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