Are You Overwhelmed With Medical Debt?

3 Doctors Discussing Medical TreatmentFor individuals with chronic illness or pain, the heavy cost of medical care is something that they are all too familiar with. Yet, for those who are seemingly healthy, charges for a single accident or emergency can reach up to five figures! Even with insurance, that can leave you with an eye-popping balance, as reported by Money Under 30. That’s why the independent finance site is committed to providing free advice for young adults that want to make informed decisions about where their money goes. Moreover, the truth remains, if you are overwhelmed by medical debt, consulting with a reputable attorney can help you navigate your options and preserve your credit score.

To be clear, though you might be tempted to ignore your medical bills, you do have to pay them. In fact, if you don’t, they will negatively affect your credit score—eventually. Thus, when you receive a medical bill, the best thing that you can do is gain perspective on the costs. This includes looking into the charges on the bill, and making sure that there are no mistakes. For instance, sometimes a patient is charged for medication that he or she didn’t take. In addition, a patient might be charged for a full day at a hospital, when they were discharged early in the morning.

As a rule, do not pay medical bills with credit cards. Though it may seem like a good way to avoid phone calls at all hours of the day, the interest rate on credit cards is usually high. Thus, it becomes incredibly difficult to pay off the debt. Instead, call the billing center at the medical facility or hospital, and ask to negotiate a payment plan. In many cases, an interest free plan can be created.

We Have The Legal Power To Help Relieve Your Medical Debt!

When it comes to reducing or eliminating your medical debt, be wary of debt consolidation companies that make big promises to help lower monthly medical payments. Their approach is risky at best, and that’s why the esteemed attorneys at Gingold & Gingold, LLC provide experienced legal counsel when it comes to classifying debt consolidation and bankruptcy. These companies do not have the legal power to permanently wipe out debt and force creditors to accept an affordable repayment plan. Therefore, think twice before you commit to paying a debt consolidation company, and give our law firm a call. There are safe and effective options to relieve your medical debt!

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