Are Debt Collectors Hassling You?

Ira and Jamie Gingold in Atlanta GAApproximately one in three Americans have unpaid bills that have been sent to a collection agency, as noted by Fox News. If you are one of those individuals, you’re not alone. Without question, being contacted by debt collectors is both embarrassing and overwhelming, and can make it more difficult to get back on track financially.

To begin, if debt collectors are contacting you, and you believe that the debt is not yours, it is important to demand verification of the debt. Yet, if you know that debt belongs to you, but the endless phone calls are causing you stress, you can contact the original creditor. Though debt collectors may claim that they have “taken over responsibility for the debt and that individuals must pay them,” this is not always true. Remember—collection agencies make a profit for debts that they recover, which explains why they are persistent. On the other hand, there are instances in which an agency may purchase a debt from a creditor that assumes they will not be able to recover funds from an individual. When this happens, however, there are federal guidelines that specify how to recover the debt. In other words, individuals should never feel hassled or bullied.

Any of the following behaviors can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission:

  • Threatening or abusive Language
  • Attempting to collect more money than is owed
  • Calling family members or friends regarding an individual’s debt
  • Calling an individual at their place of work if they have requested not to be contacted there
  • Repeated calling after an individual has requested in writing not to be contacted

We’ll Help Get Your Financial Situation Straightened Out

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