Stop Harassing Creditors with Automatic Stay

Atlanta GA Bankruptcy AttorneysYou are already under an enormous amount of stress with unpaid bills piling up and the stress of how far you can stretch your next paycheck. Add on top of that the non-stop calls from harassing creditors and you have yourself the recipe for a mental breakdown. At the law offices of Gingold & Gingold LLC, we are an experienced bankruptcy law firm that is dedicated to helping our clients regain their financial freedom.

When people file for bankruptcy, something called "Automatic Stay" immediately goes into affect to stop any lawsuit filed against you and most actions against your property. Because of the benefits of Automatic Stay, bankruptcy may be the most optimal financial choice that you can make.

Of course, the decision to file for bankruptcy should never be made lightly because of the marks against your credit that will be on record for a number of years. Bankruptcy has many different law aspects that must be taken into consideration in order to decide how best to file in order to best protect you and your assets. Our firm consists of two experienced Georgia attorneys, Ira D. Gingold and Jamie L. Gingold, who, together, have been practicing for 58 years.

Creditors can be relentless in hounding people and demanding that they pay out money that they simply do not have. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise of bankruptcy law are offered to each of our clients as we work with you to determine the best method of protecting your financial future. We understand the Automatic Stay and will ensure that it works for you.

If you are struggling to get control of your financial situation, please contact us at one of our locations in Atlanta, Cumming, Dallas, Douglasville or Duluth. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you end the constant, harassing contact from creditors through the automatic stay.

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