Who Will Know if You File Bankruptcy?

Addressing Your Concerns About Privacy in Your Bankruptcy Case

If you are considering filing bankruptcy and worried about who will know about your filing, you probably have no reason to worry. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding between you and your creditors, and under most circumstances, nobody else needs to know about it.

At the Atlanta metro area law firm of Gingold & Gingold LLC, our attorneys are prepared to advise clients on all aspects of the bankruptcy process, including their privacy concerns.

Our firm is made up of two experienced lawyers: Ira D. Gingold, who has been a bankruptcy attorney since 1971 and Court-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee from 1971-2013, and Jamie L. Gingold, who has been practicing bankruptcy, real estate and business law in Georgia since 2001.

Understanding Who Gets Notified When You File Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy case is a court proceeding and a matter of public record, but that does not mean that anyone is going to announce your bankruptcy filing to the world. By law, the only people or companies that need to be notified when you file bankruptcy are your creditors.

Unless you tell your friends, family members and employer about filing bankruptcy, there is very little chance that they will run a credit report on you or otherwise find out about it.

Also, once you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect that prevents your creditors from trying to collect on your debts. This means there will no longer be any chance that a family member or your employer will get a call from a debt collector looking for you.

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