Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Helping Clients in the Metro Area Get Permanent Debt Relief

If you are being threatened with lawsuits, wage garnishment and other legal actions because you have fallen behind on your credit card payments, medical bills and other debts, you have rights. With the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you may be able to wipe out your debts permanently so your creditors can never contact or threaten you again.

At Gingold & Gingold LLC, we offer the services of Atlanta Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers Ira D. Gingold, who has been an attorney since 1971 and Court-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee from 1971-2013, and Jamie L. Gingold, who has been practicing real estate, business and bankruptcy law since 2001.

Wiping Out Eligible Debts Through the Bankruptcy Courts

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can permanently discharge (eliminate) unsecured debt, including credit card balances, medical bills and deficiency balances. Your Chapter 7 case can be completed within 90 days.

In the meantime, from the moment you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your creditors cannot sue you, call you on the phone or take any other action to collect your debts.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool that we have used to help many clients in the Atlanta metro area make a fresh start. We can help you determine whether Chapter 7 is right for you.

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